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AC Repair

Does your house feel hot and humid inside, instead of refreshing and cool? Your AC unit may not be working correctly. It is time to have it repaired by a certified technician so it can get back to cooling your home. Don’t sweat the small stuff and call Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to complete a comprehensive diagnostic inspection of your cooling system. This way we can determine what type of AC repair is needed. Your air flow needs to stay consistent during the summer months to provide fresh, clean air throughout your home. Dirty air filters, dusty coils, and other small issues can prevent your cooling system from working efficiently. This can lead to poor indoor air quality. This is especially bad with pollen buildup during the warmer months!

Low Refrigerant and Blocked Airflow

If your cooling system refrigerant level is low, this could mean that a leak is present somewhere in your system. To completely fix this problem, all of the parts or system components that have a leak need to be repaired or replaced to ensure no more refrigerant is lost. This will also increase the longevity of your cooling system and lower your monthly energy bills. Blocked airflow can be caused by dirty filters, closed vents, a closed damper, or another easy-to-fix problem. However, there are times when a full repair is needed by a certified technician, such as when the airflow is blocked from other sources. This could be a frozen coil, a worn fan belt, a malfunctioning indoor blower motor, a dirty blower wheel or many other more extensive problems. At Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide solutions to all of your air conditioner issues, resolving them quickly and efficiently to get you back to your normal indoor air temperature.

Thermostat Issues and Bad Wiring

Sometimes your cooling system may be working smoothly, but your thermostat is faulty. One of our trained and knowledgeable technicians will verify the electrical work of the thermostat to make sure the wires and screws are not loose. This small piece of hardware is in control of a huge operation, so it is essential to have it working properly to have the right amount of air flow and temperature control in your home. Miscalibration or the location of a thermostat near drafts or windows may also be the culprit for your inefficient cooling system. Our technicians are trained to repair the problems right at the source, avoiding unnecessary tampering with other components in your HVAC system. It is important to have a professional technician do the repair so the job is done correctly with quality parts, so call Sheer for your HVAC services in Hendersonville.

Common Types of AC Repair

If your cooling system is not working correctly and you need an AC repair, contact Sheer Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for fast and efficient service. Some of the common AC repairs that we perform include:

  • Air duct sealing and repair
  • Thermostat wiring repairs
  • Expanding, modifying, repairing and redesigning existing systems
  • Ventilation and vent hood repairs
  • Fan repairs for the whole house

If your system shuts down on a hot summer day, we provide emergency assistance to get your system up and running or to find a replacement system that will meet your energy efficiency and financial needs. We distribute high quality and trusted Rheem manufactured air conditioning and cooling units and have a variety of systems that will meet your budgetary and space requirements. There is nothing worse than waiting out the hot summer days with a system that does not work. Keeping up with preventative maintenance and small repairs will keep your system working properly for a longer time, just like any machinery. Our affordable rates, friendly service, and knowledgeable service team will keep your home comfortable with clean air, every season. Contact us for AC repair, maintenance, and installation in the Asheville, Fletcher and Hendersonville areas today! (828) 357-7215